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Our forward-thinking legal expertise is exactly what you would expect from top commercial lawyers. The secret to our success? We pride ourselves on our honesty and pragmatism and make it a priority to build long-standing relationships with our clients.  Our goal is your happiness and your success is our success.
Roz Goldstein, Founder, Goldstein Legal

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  • Competition law clearer for franchisors after changes - Recent legislation is set to bring new clarity on the application of competition rules to franchising agreements. On 1 June 2022, new legislation came into force, the Vertical Agreements Block Exemption Order (UK Block Exemption), replacing the previous European rules. Helpfully, detailed guidance explaining the new law has also been published by the Competition & […]
  • Advice for franchisors: how to ensure franchisee exits are on terms that work for you - In this blog, our franchising specialist Roz Goldstein looks at some of the most common “escape routes” used by franchisees to avoid their obligations under franchise agreements. By being aware of these, a franchisor can ensure they put the right protections in place from the start of the relationship and avoid messy break-ups later.  Document […]
  • Quick wins for franchisors to avoid messy franchisee exits - In this blog, our franchising specialist Roz Goldstein considers some techniques franchisors can use to guard against franchisees avoiding their obligations under franchise agreements on termination, and that any exit is on terms which works for the franchisor. By employing some of these “quick wins”, franchisors can avoid messy franchisee exits. A negotiated exit may […]
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