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At Goldstein Legal we aim to resolve our clients’ difficulties in a practical and cost-effective way.

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We can help with Mediation

Litigation is expensive, and can be a frustrating and unsatisfactory process for all concerned. At Goldstein Legal, we always look at how we can resolve our clients’ difficulties in the most practical and cost-effective way.

Franchising Mediation can often be a solution. A trained mediator will discuss each party’s case confidentially, looking at the strengths and weaknesses, and then examines how the parties can be brought together. Mediation is successful in more than 75% of cases.


What is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a more formal process, but can still be considerably cheaper and more effective than litigation through the Courts.

Goldstein Legal is a bfa affiliated law firm. To learn more about how we can help you with mediation and arbitration, get in touch.


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“Goldstein Legal handled our matter with diplomacy and professionalism and we’d like to thank them for having achieved such good results. We really do appreciate all the support and advice the company gave us, which led to exactly the outcome we’d hoped to reach.”