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Are you are worried that your franchise agreement doesn’t give you the right protection. Are you concerned that you may be at risk in the event of a dispute? We can help.

Franchise agreements are almost always written to favour the franchisor and are often presented as non-negotiable. This said, we strongly recommend you have yours reviewed by a bfa affiliated lawyer, so that you are saved any future surprises.

For a competitive fixed fee, our expert franchise lawyers will review your agreement thoroughly, ensuring you know exactly where you stand.

Our easy-to-follow reports summarise all the key provisions in an agreement and clearly highlight any problems areas.

So, if you’re looking for peace of mind and the assurance that you are entering into a legally-sound agreement, get in touch.


What Should a Franchise Agreement Contain?

The agreement must be tailor-made for each franchise concept. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” format. A professionally drafted, bespoke franchise agreement will protect your business, create certainty for both franchisor and franchisee, and will give everyone peace of mind.

The identity of the franchisor and the franchisee

The duration of the franchise, and any renewal rights

The fee structure

How the business is to be marketed

The operating requirements of the business (linking directly with the Operations Manual)

Legal and regulatory compliance

The franchisee’s right to sell the franchise

What happens on the death or illness of the franchisee

Termination for breach

Franchisee obligations and restrictions after termination


For the sake of fairness and consistency, franchisees should all be on the same contract terms. And in order for a franchisor to be able to police standards of performance and the reputation of the brand, the agreement needs to be robust.

However, it is in the interests of both franchisor and franchisee for the franchisee to obtain independent legal advice on their franchise agreement before they sign up.

A bfa-affiliated lawyer will be able to advise the franchisee on the practical implications of the franchise agreement, and anything problematic or untypical. This helps the franchisee understand the implications of the contract and it gives the franchisor assurance that the franchisee is entering into the agreement with their eyes open.

For expert legal advice on franchising, whether you’re the franchisee or franchisor, get in touch.


“I was in process of buying a franchise and needed a firm of solicitors who were both experts and experienced in dealing with franchise agreements. The whole process from beginning to end was extremely easy and painless.

Once the franchise agreement had been read, a thorough and detailed report was sent to me explaining any areas that needed addressing with the franchisor. In addition I was offered a telephone consultation to discuss in detail any points I was unsure of.

By the time I was ready to discuss my decision with the franchisor, I had the confidence that any area of concern had been taken away by Goldstein Legal. If you are considering buying a franchise and need a franchise agreement checked out then I would highly recommend giving Goldstein Legal a call.”

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