MARCH 9, 2020

Goldstein Legal Appoints a new Paralegal

Alette Anderson joined Goldstein Legal in March 2020 as a Paralegal, after making the decision to become a solicitor in 2018.

Alette relocated to the UK from Australia in 2010 after graduating with a Bachelor of History at the University of Wollongong. She has spent 10 years working in construction, development, public administration, and private equity, and completed the Graduate Diploma in Law with BPP in 2018. Alette is currently completing the Legal Practitioners Course on a part-time basis alongside her position with Goldstein Legal, and hopes to complete her period of recognised training with the firm.

Alette said: ‘I made the decision to transition into law because I was seeking a more intellectually challenging career. Following the completion of my undergraduate degree 10 years ago, I was offered a place to commence post-graduate law back in Australia but moved to the UK and never returned to take up the offer. After working in various capacities over the past decade, I again began considering law and decided to go for it.’


‘One of the main things that attracted me to Goldstein Legal is the fact that I would be working under strong female leadership. I also liked the idea of training in a close knit-team where I would be exposed to all operational levels and practice areas of the firm.’


Goldstein Legal’s Founder & Managing Director, Roz Goldstein said: “We are excited that Alette has joining the team, her positive outlook and intellectual curiosity stood out, and she’ll be a great asset for Goldstein Legal.

At Goldstein Legal, we are committed to providing a supportive working environment that nurtures our employees’ wellbeing and continuous development. So, we are delighted to have Alette continue her journey into law with us.”

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