Rock My Baby Franchise

Are you looking for home-based childcare, professional nanny, babysitter or event care?

Rock My Baby Franchise


What they say

“Become a part of a good thing…
To put it simply, we are a group of travel enthusiasts who were incapable of keeping a secret and so decided to turn a passion into an award-winning business, where we could provid e other travel lovers with the tools they needed to set up their own successful agency.
and so became The Global Travel Group
Over the years, we have built up a unique package to help you on your way to become a budding and successful Travel Agent and nothing makes us happier then to share it with you.
You will be protected by our Group ATOL licence, provided with fully comprehensive training and most importantly, receive a quality of support from our in-house teams that is second to none.”

How we can help

Goldstein Legal provides the legal advice you need to get started with Rock My Baby.