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Forces Recruitment Services Franchise


What they say

“From a single office operation founded in Ely, Cambridgeshire in 2001, FRS has grown to a nationwide network of 24 offices manned by Ex-Military personnel with over 300 years’ combined service across all ranks and services. FRS was the first recruitment business founded specifically to link the Ex-Military and civilian jobs market and is now the leading and largest Ex-Military consultancy in UK.

Five years after the establishment of the business, we recognised that the planned future changes to the structure of the British Military, combined with the evolving market for Ex-Military personnel, meant that FRS was ideally placed to capitalise on the business experience and reputation gained and so our expansion plan was formulated.

We analysed what had contributed to our success and determined that, rather than by organic or acquisitive growth, we could build an even more successful business by including more experts from different military backgrounds, ranks, services and trade fields to offer the best recruitment solution in the commercial marketplace. The concept was developed over the next two years and the FRS franchise was launched in late 2007 with the first franchise being granted in 2008.”

How we can help

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