AngelBerry Franchise

AngelBerry isn’t just about the fro-yo, it’s the whole brand experience that makes it absolutely berrylicious.

AngelBerry Franchise


What they say

“AngelBerry isn’t just about the fro-yo, it’s the whole brand experience that makes it absolutely berrylicious. The entire concept is based around our customers and giving them the best experience possible. We want our customers to be creative in their choices so give them the tools to create their own frozen yogurt masterpiece.

AngelBerry is about having fun which is reflected in our brand environment, from the self-serve fro-yo machines and pick and mix topping stations to the LED counters and colourful decor, the moment you step into an AngelBerry store you can’t help but smile. This playful impression is created through colour, texture, light and sound, giving customers a full sensory experience.

Why join AngelBerry?

At AngelBerry we are not just a frozen yogurt brand, we are a frozen yogurt system. Everything in your AngelBerry store has been designed and systemised to ensure the store runs at maximum efficiency. AngelBerry is committed to offering the best service level and support level in the industry including large back office support and a vast amount of local support whether you’re in the Isle of white or New Zealand.

When you join AngelBerry as a Franchisee or Master Developer you get;
• Vast experience with over 36 combined years of franchising experience within the food sector
• Exclusivity to develop AngelBerry in your territory (Master Developers Only)
• Ability to franchise the concept in your territory
• A full training course in the UK
• Research visit with an AngelBerry representative in your local region plus additional training in your first store. (Master Developers only)
• Access to ALL operational systems
• Access to ALL marketing systems
• Assistance designing your store
• Access to our exclusive frozen yogurt product
• Access to the AngelBerry recipes
• Access to our machinery and exclusive brand discounts and extended warranties
• Access to all existing marketing and branding material
• Access to our customer built online POS system and back office reporting software
• Full Master Developer support – our undivided attention
• We will hold your hand to your first store opening AND beyond!
• Full access to all of AngelBerry’s operational systems and documentation”

How we can help

Goldstein Legal provides the legal advice you need to get started with AngelBerry.