JULY 19, 2016

Your franchise agreement – make the most of it!


As a franchisor, you will have devoted considerable time and resource into getting a robust and thorough form of franchise agreement in place.  And wisely so, as the franchise agreement is the foundation of your business relationship with your franchisees.

But due to business pressures, franchise agreements are often signed in something of a rush. And once signed, they are often put aside, only to be dusted off when it comes to a franchise sale, an upcoming renewal or a franchise dispute – and this is when problems arise.

In her latest article, published by the British Franchise Association, Goldstein Legal’s Ayla Karmali, will take you through the pitfalls that can arise if you neglect your franchise agreement and, importantly, the best ways to avoid these pitfalls!

Your franchise agreement – make the most of it! 


Ayla Karmali is dual-qualified as an attorney-at-law in the US and as a solicitor in England and Wales, specialising in franchising and commercial issues at Goldstein Legal 

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