Franchise Disputes

A franchisor dispute can be highly stressful and if you have invested heavily in your new business venture, the stakes can be high.

But while litigation is always a daunting prospect, you’re not alone. Our expert franchise lawyers will stand by you and advise on:

  • Exiting a franchise relationship without liability or penalties, when the relationship has broken down
  • Disputing the validity and enforceability of onerous provisions in franchise agreements
  • Claiming damages for misrepresentation, where franchisees have been seriously misled by their franchisor about the prospects of the franchising business
  • Defending claims by franchisors for breach of contract

Franchise litigation – is the tide turning?

We have seen some important legal decisions lately, very much to the benefit of franchisees.  This is particularly the case where disputes have arisen due to a franchise having been “over-sold” with statements by the franchisor that amount to pre-contractual misrepresentations.

If you need support with a current franchise dispute, get in touch  – we can help.

Roz clarified the issues for me (removed the emotion and circular arguments) which helped me work out a strategy to deal with the problems I faced with the franchisor.

Franchisee client