Goodwill, know-how and confidential information 

The value of goodwill, know-how and confidential information can often be overlooked, but they are important elements of Intellectual Property, and can be critical in the valuation of a business on a sale or take-over.

It pays to understand what you have.

Goodwill – this is the value to your business of your customer base or your customer contracts.  The strength of this goodwill can be critical when valuing your company.

Know-how – this is a collection of different elements that help make your business concept unique.  It is the product or service that your business offers, and that others do not.

Confidential information – the term speaks for itself.  But the legalities as to what you can, and cannot, prevent disclosure of, can be complex.

Our extensive experience helps clients to protect their goodwill, know-how and confidential information, so as to prevent former employees, licensees or franchisees from copying or disclosing this information.

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