International Franchising

When your franchise is successful, the thought of expansion is common, as it can lead to new financial opportunities for you as a business owner.

Franchising across country borders is usually achieved either through Master Franchises or Area Developer Agreements.

Either can give you access to new territories where you might struggle to manage if working directly, either due to distances or because of a lack of knowledge or business connections.

But it is also high risk. To launch a concept in a brand new market is likely to require significant initial outlay, and the success or failure of the venture is dependent your third party master franchisee or area developer.  So picking the right partner is key.

Cultural differences of course mean that what is popular in one country, may not be in another. Tastes differ, as do shopping, eating and leisure habits.

No matter how much you are devoted to your brand, you need a dispassionate assessment from expert business advisers.

Once you have completed your research and found a potential business partner, you will need robust legal advice.  Our expertise and knowledge of international franchising will help to ensure you are taking your business in the right direction.