Trade Marks & Domain Names

No doubt you’ve already registered your company’s domain name, but have you protected your brand name with a registered trade mark?

While a domain name is important, it can be easily undermined without a registered trade mark to go with it.

We have seen cases where successful businesses have been forced to change trading names, losing goodwill and customer recognition, because another business has registered the same, or similar name as a trade mark.

Businesses can be burdened with significant costs when this happens, including legal fees and damages payable to the trade mark owner, not to mention the costs of re-branding.

It pays to get your trade mark rights protected right from the start.

At Goldstein Legal, our experience ranges from trade mark advice for small/medium sized businesses, through to management of international trade marks portfolios for household names.  We will work with you to:

  • Identify whether your brand is registrable
  • Decide how best to register:  one or more different marks?  A “word” mark, or a graphic logo, or a combination of the two?  Separate marks or a series of marks?
  • Carry out trade mark searches and clearance
  • Chose the scope and description of goods or services and the right classifications for your mark
  • Process applications, dealing with the trade mark registry, and managing any oppositions or objections

We handle UK trade marks, and (European) Community Trade Marks (“CTM”s) and we work with a network of overseas lawyers to co-ordinate international applications.

We also act for clients in relation to trade mark infringement proceedings.  This includes High Court claims for injunctions to stop trade mark infringement and passing off.

But in many cases our work for trade mark owners is focused on prompt, tough and cost-effective action, aimed at stopping the infringement with a minimum amount of cost.

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