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Licensing Versus Franchising

For a business looking to grow, the option of franchising or licensing can be very appealing. Indeed, both can offer a route to successful expansion, as an alternative to organic growth, and with lower risk than. But business owners are seldom given much advice on the difference between the two, and can often find themselves […]

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Google – Breaching European Law?

Google has gone ahead with the implementation of its  controversial new privacy policy, despite a warning from EU authorities to CEO  Larry Page on Tuesday that Google appears to be violating European law. With effect from 1st March, private data  collected about you when you use one Google service – such as your browsing  data […]

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Government shake-up of employment law – making it easier for employers to dismiss staff?

A combination of legislation in process and Government consultation looks set to make life easier for employers, particularly when it comes to dismissing staff.  Last month, the Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS), launched a “Call for Evidence”, as part of an informal consultation process. The Government’s proposals, first floated  in a controversial report by […]

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Franchise Litigation – the tide is turning?

Franchisors liable for misrepresentation A recent High Court decision suggests that the legal tide may be starting to turn against Franchisors. Up until last year, UK case law precedent supporting the rights of franchisees against their franchisors was thin on the ground.  Franchisors had some confidence that they could enforce the terms of their franchise […]

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The Leveson Report – “Who Guards the Guardians?”

The long-awaited Report of the Leveson Inquiry, which has cost the public purse an estimated £4 million to £5 million since its inception in June last year, was published yesterday, and has provoked a political maelstrom in the UK.  With the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats supporting the Report’s recommendations in their entirety, representatives […]

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Franchising Resilience

When the going gets tough, the smart businessman wants to be in franchising. This in essence is the message from the 2012 NatWest bfa franchise survey. Using statistics gathered in respect of the 2011 calendar year, the survey highlights the internal and external factors which have affected the franchising sector during the year, as well […]

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Making the Most of a Franchise Show

“Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.”   This quote may go some way towards explaining why Richard Branson has been so successful in business but the trick which differentiates his success from the successive failures of “Del Boy” is in picking the right opportunities. Whilst some business people will tell you that […]

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G8 Meeting in Northern Ireland

When some of the most powerful leaders in the world get together, the only certainty is that the discussions will be wide ranging and may well not stay on-topic.  Certainly this is the case with the current G8 meeting in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland.  Pre-meeting publicity centred firmly on matters such as the global economy […]

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2013 NatWest/BFA Franchise Survey

The annual NatWest/BFA franchise survey for 2013 has now been published, and makes very useful reading for anyone involved in franchising in the UK. It monitors the performance, attitudes and opinions of the franchise sector and thereby builds up a larger picture of the contribution of franchising to the British economy. This year’s report shows continuing maturity within […]

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Employment Tribunal Claims Plummet

This follows the controversial introduction of tribunal fees at the end of July 2013, resulting in a cost of between £160 and £950 for a claimant to lodge a claim, plus additional hearing fees. This is excellent news for employers, as the fees appear to be dramatically discouraging weak, dishonest or speculative claims, which previously […]

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